Two Toes

Oblstacles can’t stop you
Problems can’t stop you
Most of all, other people can’t stop you
Only YOU can stop you
                                                 -J. Gitomer

    Today he has made world cup record of 237 runs in world cup quarter final match for New Zealand against West Indies, which is highest by any individual in the world cup and second highest in ODI after Rohit Sharma’s 264.

    I am talking about New Zealand’s 28 year old cricketer Martin Guptill. Guptill’s nickname among his teammates is ‘Two Toes’ because of the accident that occurred when he was a 13-year-old working on his father Peter’s property. Already a promising cricketer, he lost three toes when the forklift ran over his foot and feared he would never play again, but tha accident made him more determined.

    His father Peter said about his son’s determination that “When he realised he can walk and do everything again, he got right back into it even harder than before. He realised in a flesh everything could be lost, so he made the most of it” Peter was able to get former New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming to visit Martin in the hospital and that helped raise his spirits.


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